• Everything you need to protect your data in one convenient package
  • Fast, easy setup, administration, and backup disk rotation
  • Pre-installed with Windows Storage Server Essentials (WSSE) 2008 R2
  • Strong hardware encryption protects rotation disks if they fall into the wrong hands
  • Disaster recovery is painless: it is easy to restore one file or an entire workstation




DataHarbor Network Backup Appliance

Backing up data is one of the most important tasks for a small business to implement. If your computers go down, you'll be stuck with costly data recovery bills as you attempt to recover information critical to your business operations. In case of a disaster, if you don't have an offsite backup of your data it's likely you won't be able to recover important client records, financial information, or other critical business information from your systems. These things can bring your business to a grinding halt just when you want to be focused elsewhere.


In addition to having a reliable backup, encryption of your backup data is also extremely important. Stories of hard drives stolen from the back of a car or the thief that hacks into a computer system filled with sensitive information are becoming more and more common. With the DataHarbor backup appliance, you don't need to worry about theft or hackers. The 256-bit encrypted backup drive is impenetrable without your programmed key, which guarantees the highest level of security for your critical records.


Having a solid backup plan and putting it into action will give you peace of mind. The good news is that this task has never been easier to implement with the CRU DataHarbor backup appliance.


The DataHarbor Network Backup Appliance is a simple, secure backup and recovery appliance. With flexible installation options (lay it flat, stand it up, or mount in a rack), it's ideal for any small office situation. Small businesses will like how easy it is to create a backup of their sensitive data. They simply need to pull the DataPort 10 carrier and insert a new one. The RAID automatically rebuilds without needing to restart the server. The DataHarbor appliance was designed to be painless with no downtime.


With the WSSE software, DataHarbor can support up to 25 computers.


Remote Administration

Administrators can update or change the DataHarbor backup appliance configuration over the network. Email and/or text message notifications can also be set up.


Whole Disk Encryption

CRU's transparent hardware encryption secures the entire disk, which is better than software-based encryption since hackers can't even find the file allocation table. Combined with 256-bit AES encryption, this means your data is safe from attack.


Scheduled Backup

Create the backup that works for you and your networked PCs with the easy-to-use Microsoft Storage Server Essentials Software.


What Others Are Saying

"The DataHarbor solution, with its built-in encryption, allows us to provide a secure and high-quality backup offering as part of our general IT services, particularly for small organizations who care about data security," said Kevin Royalty, Managing Partner, MCSE & SBS MVP, Total Care Computer Consulting. "The DataHarbor appliance is ideal for my clients in health care, finance, and government since they need to meet HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley compliance requirements."


~ Kevin Royalty, Total Care Computer Consulting