LoneTar Backup

For the past three decades, LONE-TAR has established itself as one of the Industry's Premier Backup and Recovery Software for UNIX and LINUX Operating Systems. With its Fast and Accurate Backups, plus Powerful and Easy to use Recovery options, LONE-TAR is simply the best solution for your backup needs.

LONE-TAR v4.3.2.1 Highlighted Features

  • GOSH Off-Site backups
  • Enhanced & Modified:
    • Execute user commands before/after backup
    • Execute user commands before/after verify
  • ERROR messages with solutions and work-arounds
  • Streaming backups & verifies via SSH or FTP
  • Easy backup to NAS devices, with automatic mounting and unmounting.
  • Automatic File rotation for disk-based backups. (Daily, Weekly or Monthly)
  • Automatic File rotation for USB disk-based backups (Daily, Weekly or Monthly)
  • Cascading support for file backups (Eliminates problems with 2GB or 4GB file size limits)
  • Menu-driven Auto-loader support for tape drives.

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  • 2048-Bit Data Encryption for total security *
  • Byte-By-Byte Level verification of Data to ensure 100% integrity
  • Complete Logs of Backups, Restores, Verifies and Listings.
  • Does not use Tar, but is tar compatible for restoring data. **
  • Backs up Informix ®, Oracle ® or Progress ® database partitions
  • Error Recovery - Able to salvage a failing Hard Drive.
  • Able to change file-locking levels for backups on systems in use.
  • Fully Automated Disaster Recovery Restores with AIR-BAG or RESCUE-RANGER.
  • Hardware independent. Works with any device supported by your Operating System. ***

 Easy to Use:

  • Simple Menu Interface, for all of LONE-TAR's functions.
  • Fast Seek restores makes quickly restoring files a snap.
  • Includes TAPE-TELL to help prevent Overwriting your most current backup tape.
  • Menu Driven Setup of all Backup Devices and Variables.
  • Includes source code customization for your own scripts
  • Non Destructive Restore to prevent overwriting your most current data.
  • Automated Nightly Backup made easy through CRONY.
  • Powerful Inclusion and Exclusion lists to customize your system backup.
  • Remote tape drive support allows multiple servers to backup to a tape drive via TCP/IP
  • Online YouTube Videos

 Unmatched Support:

  • 24x7 System Crash Support by our Award Winning Technical Team.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable technicians available to assist in any type of backup situation.
  • Free 1 year Support on all LONE-TAR purchases and Upgrades.
  • Extended Support contracts available, to ensure help is always there when you need it.

*  Encryption requires purchase of encryption key-code from Lone Star Software.
    Contact sales [ 1(800) LONE-TAR ] for more information.

**  Software compression MUST be disabled when using standard 'tar' to read backups from LONE-TAR.

***  Devices must be listed on Hardware Support Table.