Configure Cyberoam with Active directory Server - Part 1

This is Part 1 of Cyberoam Active Directory Integration - Part 2 coming soon


This document outlines the steps to:

  • Configure AD integration on Cyberoam (External Authentication)
  • Determine FQDN, Netbios Name, LDAP DN
  • Test AD Authentication
  • Install Transparent Authentication (CTAS agent) on AD Server SSO (Single Sign On)
  • Loose Integration vs Tight Integration
  • Import Active Directory groups (optional)  


  • NetBIOS Domain name
  • FQDN Domain name
  • Search LDAP DN
    If your domain was "cyberoam.local" then you Search DN will be "dc=cyberoam,dc=local" (without quotes)
    If your domain was "" then you Search DN will be "dc=cyberoam,dc=com,dc=loca" (without quotes)
    Active Directory Server IP address
    Username and Password (Active Directory permissions - usually administrator)
    IP address of Cyberoam Interface


Step 1 - Configure Cyberoam Active Directory on the Cyberoam UTM

  1. Login to the Cyberoam GUI
  2. Go to IDENTIY—AUTHENTICATION – Authentication Server
  3. Click ADD

    Server Type: Active Directory
    Server Name: <choose anyname>
    AD Server IP:
    Port: 389
    ADS username: administrator
    Password *********
    Integration Type: Tight
    Domain Name: testdomain.local
    Search Queries: dc=testdomain,dc=local


  4. Click “TEST CONNECTION” it should say success.
  5. Click "OK"
     Cyberoam External Authentication Settings

Step 2 - Set AD sevrer as a method of Firewall Authentication
1. Enable AD server as a method of firewall authentication
  Under authentication methods
Add the AD server as a method of authentication.
Click “Apply”

2. Change the Simultaneous Logins to "unlimited"


Step 3 - Test the Integration

  1. The Test
    Browse to the captive Portal Page http://<cyberoamip>:8090
    Login using an Active Directory username and password
    You should see a message “You have successfully logged in” See screenshot
  2. Confirm by checking logs
    Choose Authentication Logs
    You should see a successful event for Firewall Authentication

  Cyberoam captive portal login

Step 4 - importing Groups
Go to IDENTITY->AUTHENTICATION->Authentication Server
Click Import icon on the right hand side

Cyberoam import active directory users


See Part 2 here