Stallion Technologies no longer exists, Stallion Serial devices and Easyserver products are no longer available. Refurbished units and replacement exchanges are still available.  Call MPA for further information.  This site page preserves the information for those customers who continue to rely on their existing equipment.

Stallion Technologies was a developer of Internet access, remote access, virtual private networking and serial connectivity solutions for Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs), with an emphasis on security, reliability and cost of ownership. Stallion's product range includes a variety of network access servers that provide shared Internet access, Virtual Private Networking and remote access, and a range of multiport serial I/O cards.

Stallion's products are used in a wide range of vertical markets, including healthcare, hospitality, ticketing/vending, retail point of sale, gaming/wagering and factory automation.

Since inception in 1985, Stallion has focused on access for SMBs and cost-sensitive replicated sites. We have innovated to meet the evolving needs of organizations, from connectivity for centralized computing to remote LAN access and multi-platform access. Stallion is facing the future with e-business access, giving SMBs the networking tools to migrate towards e-business rapidly and cost-effectively.

Stallion Technologies is a subsidiary of Lantronix Inc with an office in the USA and is represented in over 20 countries. Stallion devotes significant resources into research and development, which is carried out in its US offices. Final assembly, quality assurance testing and packaging of products is conducted at its facilities in the USA .

The Future of Networking
Networks are the essential business tools for thriving small businesses. The number of networked small businesses is expected to increase by over 50 per cent within the next three years.

Intranets are making it easier to access company information. Remote and mobile workers can now access data that was once beyond reach. Growing businesses are adding branch offices to service new markets. Larger businesses are breaking into smaller business units. The Internet is making global information access a reality.

Stallion's innovative networking products specifically meet the needs of small to medium businesses. Stallion gives these businesses flexible and powerful information access, at a very low cost of ownership. You benefit from using familiar tools and equipment, without dedicated networking personnel to maintain network access.

Dial-Up Access to UNIX and Windows NT Networks
Businesses adding Windows clients to today's networks benefit from secure dial-up access and cost-effective branch office connections. EasyServer II works across a wide variety of platforms, delivering fast, reliable and secure dial-in and dial-out access, branch office routing, network printing and modem pooling.

Server-based Serial Access
EasyConnection and EasyIO adapter cards provide the basis for a wide range of dial-up and communications applications from low to high density port configurations.

Let your staff exchange information from anywhere in the world, with access that is affordable and flexible. With Stallion, it's not just possible. It's easy.

EasyConnection delivers powerful, expandable and reliable serial access to a wide range of dial-up and communications applications. EasyConnection grows as your access needs grow, up to 64 ports per adapter, by simply clipping on extra modules.
Available in 4 or 8 port configurations EasyIO is suited to a wide range of dial-up and communications applications, EasyIO offers outstanding performance and features in a very low price per port for an intelligent card.
EasyServer II is a flexible access server for TCP/IP-based networks. It delivers on-demand dial-up remote access and routing, as well as serial connectivity for server computers. EasyServer II gives small to medium-sized businesses a wide range of networking features in one cost-effective package.