Serial Device Servers

Serial Device Servers

Serial to Ethernet, wired and wireless device server solutions

Opengear device servers provide a simple solution for managing remote edge devices and locations. Monitor all the infrastructure in your remote sites. Cellular remote connectivity.

Industrial models with wide operating temperature ranges.

Simple Serial Connectivity – You can network enable just about any device with a serial port in minutes. Free virtual COM port redirection software

Configurable Alarms – Proactively triggered by a network, battery back-up or temperature issue or other monitored event. Send alerts via SMS, text or email

Environmental Monitoring – Support for temperature monitoring and external humidity, smoke, motion and water sensors.

Alarms and data logging Security – Encrypted authenticated access meets the most demanding high security applications. Securely control devices hidden behind firewalls

Power Management – Monitor and control PDU and UPS from hundreds of vendors. Battery status alerts. Graceful shutdown

Custom Scripts – Remotely scan serial data stream for patterns. Ping network devices. Monitor digital I/O ports. Create proactive solutions. Cycle power

The ACM5000 industrial device servers provide a secure monitoring and control solution for managing all the IT infrastructure and edge devices in remote locations.The products feature rugged metal enclosures, captive power terminal blocks and the widest range of serial, USB or digital I/O...
Opengear’s cellular routers provide secure high-speed wireless connectivity to remote sites. All the serial and networked critical assets and devices at these sites are monitored and controlled. These industrial grade compact gateways use the 3G network to deliver real-time access, monitoring and...
The SD4000 Device Server enables users to securely connect, manage and control RS232/422/485 serial devices from anywhere in the world. The SD4000 provides fast, secure and reliable local and remote connectivity to serial ports on PBX, UPS, PDU's, Meters, Scanners, PLC's and SCADA...
Opengear's SD4008 secure device server provides the most secure way to locally or remotely access and control devices with an RS232/422/485 serial port or an Ethernet port. The SD4008 connects serial devices to the local network and ensures that information is transmitted securely, to and...