Stallion Easy Connect

EasyConnection delivers powerful, expandable and reliable serial access to a wide range of dial-up and communications applications.
EasyConnection grows as your access needs grow, up to 64 ports per adapter, by simply clipping on extra modules.



The EasyConnection family delivers powerful, expandable and reliable serial access to workgroup, departmental and enterprise-class servers. EasyConnection is designed to grow as your access needs grow, allowing small to medium businesses to build on their original investment, instead of replacing it. Based on a modular architecture, EasyConnection lets you start with 8 or 16 serial ports and add more as you grow, by simply clipping on external connector modules, right up to 64 ports. Choose between the ultra-high performance EasyConnection Rapid Access host adapter and the optimized EasyConnection 8/64 host adapter. This gives you the flexibility to meet the demands of any serial installation. You will never need another direct-connect solution.

Scaleable Remote Access and Routing
Add the Rapid Access adapter and EasyConnection connector modules to a powerful Intel server to create a dedicated, high-performance remote access server and dial-up router, using Windows NT/2000, Linux, etc. Alternatively, you can use it to provide branch office LAN access by routing TCP/IP or IPX across a 56K analog or ISDN connection.

Dial-out, Internet and Intranet Access
EasyConnection is equally suited to enterprises that require dial-out connectivity for electronic faxing, connections to remote hosts and corporate Internet access.

Retail Point of Sale and Factory Automation
The EasyConnection architecture lets you mix and match connector types and electrical interfaces for customers with vertical applications. Bar code readers, receipt printers, scanners, data loggers and card swipes can be integrated quickly and simply with EasyConnection. Surge suppression and a robust enclosure ensure reliable connectivity in stressing environments.

Internet Service Providers and network administrators can also build affordable Points of Presence with EasyConnection Rapid Access, analog modem banks, digital modem pools or ISDN TAs. The Rapid Access adapter is engineered to meet the demands of up to 256 dial-up connections and go on delivering data at 460.8 Kbps per port, regardless of your operating environment.

Back Office, Thin Client and Multi-User Access
EasyConnection provides access to Citrix WinFrame and Microsoft Windows-based Terminal Server extensions from a variety of thin clients, and supports UNIX application access from terminals and PCs.

EasyConnection delivers:
The flexibility to meet any size installation and connectivity application
Seamless integration into open remote access environments
Future-proof, with support for all Intel-based systems and interfaces
Self-supporting features and install wizards that ensure easy operation

The 'Port Properties' (above) allow port settings to be changed, and an advanced button allows configuration of custom Stallion extensions for flow control, RS485 party line operation, etc. The 'Port Monitor' function delivers all the functionality of Stallion's Easyadm tool for Windows NT/2000 with the addition of a serial loop back test (also above) for the selected Stallion port.

Easy to Configure, Manage and Use
EasyConnection’s low cost of ownership is evident in its simple setup and maintenance-free operation. The Easyadm management tool includes self-diagnostic software that keeps your installation working and our web support services provide a safety net for your support team.