Cyberoam Active Directory Integration / Configuration (Quick Links)

The following can be used as a quick reference to configure Cyberoam with Active Directory for Single Sign on.

Also see guides created by MPA Systems:

Workstation Methods:

Method 1: Clientless Single Sign (New and Recommended method)

1. Download the Cyberoam Clientless CTAS client

2. Install the Cyberoam CTAS (Cyberoam Transparent Authentication Suite) on your Active Directory Server

3. Follow the instructions from the Cyberoam Knowledge base

Method 2: Clientbased Single Sign (Old method - uses auto install on PCs)

Note: this is different from the Corporate Client.
1. Download the Cyberoam Clientbased Sign on client

2. Follow the instructions from the Cyberoam Knowledge base

Essentially you would do the following:
1. Run ElitecoreAdmin.exe to create Admin.ini
2. Copy SSCyberoamSetup.exe,SSCyberoamConfigSetup.exe, SSCyberoamConfig.ini, Admin.ini, ElitecoreRun.exe to \\adserver\NETLOGON\cyberoam
3. Download the logon script and save as cyberoam.bat -
4. Do a find/replace - Replace "adsservername" with your servername
5. Use group policy to run cyberoam.bat on logon

Method 3: NTLM Authentication (NEW!!)

From Cyberoam version 10.2.0 build 176 cyberoam supports NTLM authentication.
To enable: Go to SYSTEM->ADMINISTRATION->Appliance Access
Tick NTLM in the LAN zone

Thin Client Authentication Method

Cyberoam supports up to 16 Terminal/Citrix Servers.

1.Download and install the CATC client (Cyberoam Authentication Thin Client) on all Terminal Servers.
Note: Server will require reboot!!!

2. Connect to the Cyberoam CLI Console via GUI, SSH, or Telnet.
Choose option #4
execute "cyberoam auth thin-client add citrix-ip "
(where server ip is your Terminal sever IP address)