Stallion Easy IO

Available in 4 or 8 port configurations EasyIO is suited to a wide range of dial-up and communications applications, EasyIO offers outstanding performance and features in a very low price per port for an intelligent card.

EasyIO is the right solution for connecting a small number of serial devices to Windows 2000/NT, UNIX and NetWare servers simply and cost-effectively. Supporting data rates of up to 460 Kbps per port, EasyIO gives you all the performance you will ever need. Available as PCI and ISA bus adapters, EasyIO delivers effective server-based serial access for today's Pentium-class servers.

Small Business Access
Combine EasyIO with integrated Windows NT small business solutions, such as the BackOffice Small Business Server suite, to achieve a compact dial-up networking, fax, Internet and Point-of-Sale access solution. Financial, medical, retail and a myriad of other businesses can benefit from EasyIO's high performance and low cost of ownership. With on-board data buffering and flow control, EasyIO comfortably handles the demands of any dial-up modem or ISDN T/A, reliably.

Point-of-Sale, Data Collection and Industrial Control
Customers with replicated installations often need a tailored solution. Stallion offers a range of standard and factory-installed options that let you match EasyIO to your specific application needs. A variety of connector types and optional DC power for bar code readers, receipt printers, and other serial devices make EasyIO well suited to POS applications. A choice of electrical interfaces and surge suppression make EasyIO the robust solution for industrial control and data collection applications, such as robot control, scanners, card swipes, wagering and data logging.

Multi-User Workgroup Access
EasyIO provides access to Citrix WinFrame and Microsoft Windows-based Terminal Server extensions from a variety of thin clients, and supports UNIX application access from terminals and PCs.

Microsoft, Citrix and Novell certify EasyIO for operation in Windows 2000/NT, Windows 95/98, WinFrame and NetWare environments. EasyIO also supports all popular UNIX platforms.

EasyIO means:
Real value for the small businesses and replicated sites, without any feature or performance tradeoff
Smooth Integration with EasyConnection, making it easy to support and upgrade
Versatility that lets you apply one solution to a multitude of situations
Self-supporting features, install wizards and low component count provide years of service-free operation
Tailored connectivity to suit any retail or industrial application

The 'Port Properties' (above) allow port settings to be changed, and an advanced button allows configuration of custom Stallion extensions for flow control, etc. The 'Port Monitor' function delivers all the functionality of Stallion's Easyadm tool for Windows 2000/NT with the addition of a serial loop back test (also above) for the selected Stallion port.

Easy to Configure, Manage and Use
EasyIO's low cost of ownership is evident in its simple setup and maintenance-free operation. The Easyadm installation wizards make configuration a point-and-click exercise, and self-diagnostic software keeps your installation working with little ongoing maintenance.