Offers Actionable Intelligence and Controls for future-ready security to Enterprises


Cyberoam, the leading global provider of network security appliances, today unveiled Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) in its NG Series appliances. Cyberoam NGFW come with Layer 8 Identity-based technology for actionable intelligence and controls that offer complete security controls over L2-L8 for future-ready security in enterprises. Cyberoam’s Next-Generation Firewall protection is EAL4+ certified and offers Layer 8 Identity-based security, application visibility & controls, Intrusion Prevention System, website filtering, HTTPS inspection, VPN (IPSec and SSL) and granular bandwidth controls. Additional security features like Web Application Firewall, Gateway Anti-Virus, Gateway Anti-Spam, and more, are also available.

The mobilization of workforce has led to demand for anytime-anywhere access to network resources. This, along with increasing number of users like customers and partners connecting to an enterprise network from outside is leading to de-perimeterization of enterprise networks. Besides, trends like rise in number of network users and devices, application explosion, virtualization, and more are leading to loss of security controls for enterprises over their networks.

Says Mr. Abhilash Sonwane, SVP, Cyberoam, " Cyberoam’s Human Layer 8 acts like a standard abstract layer that binds with real Layers 2-7, enabling enterprises to regain lost security controls. By binding User Identity across Layers 2-7, enterprises can put security checks where they want to from L2-L8, along with complete visibility into user and network activities. Such actionable intelligence and security controls offer enterprises to strengthen their defenses, simplify security management, besides allowing them to scale effectively for their growing performance needs.” He adds, “Customers looking to buy Next Generation Firewalls are often constrained by the lack of performance values shared by vendors. To address this, Cyberoam has introduced a new Next Generation security subscription bundle and provides throughput values with the NGFW security features turned on.”

Today, enterprises seek solutions that ensure best of both the worlds - next-generation network security and faster network performance with flexible connectivity. As they invest in capabilities such as NGFWs, they wish to harvest maximum business benefits and long term relevance to their IT and network ecosystem. Cyberoam NGFWs adequately address this need by providing high performance throughputs and flexible I/O slots allowing additional Copper/Fiber 1G/10G ports (XP) on its FleXi Port (XP) security appliances. Moreover, Cyberoam’s Extensible Security Architecture helps enterprises tackle unknown threats of the future by offering the agility to prolong the life and performance of its NGFW appliances to support newer enterprise security features and enhancements. Besides the Extensible Security Architecture that supports future security needs with the same appliance, enterprises can also add another appliance in cluster/HA to support more number of users in their networks.

About Cyberoam Technologies Private Limited
Cyberoam Technologies Private Limited is a global Network Security appliances company, offering security solutions for the networks of the future, with its innovative technologies. Cyberoam’s hardware and virtual network security appliances integrate multiple security features like stateful inspection firewall, VPN, Intrusion Prevention System, Gateway Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware, Gateway Anti-Spam, Web Filtering, Application Visibility & Control, Web Application Firewall, Bandwidth Management and Multiple Link Management over a single platform. The virtual and hardware Cyberoam Central Console appliances offer Centralized Security Management options to organizations, while Cyberoam iView allows intelligent logging and reporting with one-of-their-kind, in-depth reports. Cyberoam is accredited with prestigious global standards and certifications like CheckMark UTM Level 5 Certification, ICSA Labs, IPv6 Gold logo, and is a member of the Virtual Private Network Consortium. It has offices in US and India. For more information, please visit