Eaton: 5PX release

Eaton releases New 5PX UPS that Protects Virtual Servers through Integrated Power Management Capabilities.

Eaton: 5PX release

Eaton’s New 5PX UPS Protects Virtual Servers through Integrated Power Management Capabilities

RALEIGH, N.C. …Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation today announced its new uninterruptible power system (UPS), the Eaton 5PX UPS, an integrated power management solution for information technology (IT) and small-to-medium-business data centers. The 5PX supports virtualization strategies through seamless integration with Eaton's Intelligent Power® Software Suite, an innovative software solution that combines power monitoring with graceful shutdown of devices or live migration of virtual machines.

The 5PX is the first UPS in the industry to meter energy consumption of individual devices down to the outlet segment level. This enables IT managers to not only control individual power outlets or groups of outlets across the network, but also to track and reduce the power consumption of the protected servers and other IT equipment.

“The advanced features of the 5PX UPS, paired with Eaton’s Intelligent Power Software Suite, help IT managers make informed decisions within virtual environments,” said Hervé Tardy, senior vice president and general manager, Eaton’s Distributed Power Quality Division. “The 5PX also improves IT system uptime and assists with energy conservation goals. We think IT managers will discover the benefits of a holistic view of power utilization, monitoring and management in the integrated package of the 5PX.”

With an intuitive, graphical LCD display built into the front of the UPS, IT and data center managers have direct access to customize all UPS settings. Through this display and the power management software, they also have a full view of the power draw of individual devices connected to the UPS, enabling better management of electrical loads, consumption and energy footprint.

As part of the Intelligent Power Software Suite, Eaton’s Intelligent Power® Manager software and shutdown modules are compatible with VMware’s vCenter Server™, Microsoft’s SCVMM™, Red Hat®’s KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine) and Xen Servers (both Citrix Xen and OpenSource Xen) virtualization platforms. As a result, IT managers can configure the software suite to trigger the automatic relocation of virtual machines whenever the 5PX indicates that the connected servers are reaching their maximum capacity, or gracefully shutdown servers that are connected to the 5PX.

Each 5PX UPS, including the batteries, is backed by an industry-leading three-year warranty. Additionally, the unit features Eaton’s Advanced Battery Management (ABM®) technology that increases battery service life by 50 percent.