Version 4.1 of Jetro’s advanced COCKPIT solution is now available. COCKPIT4 introduces a wide set of new features across all of the product’s components - including the Server Back-End, Clients, and Administrator Console. In addition, COCKPIT4 features a new integrated Printing module that supports both Universal Printing and Native Printing modes, centralized, integrated management of both the Application Delivery and the Secure Browsing solutions, and more.


COCKPIT4 builds on the continuing success of the previous versions of Jetro COCKPIT that already serve hundreds of organizations worldwide. It enhances COCKPIT capabilities by adding a host of features including:  

New Administration console for superior management, monitoring and control

  • An integrated solution for managing both Secure Browsing and Application Delivery from a single point of control
  • Rich tree-view navigation Friendly table manipulation
  • Centralized monitoring and management of servers, sessions, resources, and more
  • On-line data export and reporting
  • New and improved license management and monitoring

New Client side software for unmatched user experience and performance

  • Instant session creation
  • User-controlled settings of backgrounds, colors, toolbars, icon layouts, and more
  • Intuitive management of connections, session, and applications.
  • Improved handling of network instability and reconnects
  • Multiple monitor support with Dual View mode full support on XP SP2 and higher (RDP6).

 Advanced server-side features

  • Supports multiple zones, zone preferences, zone routing, and more
  • Multiple domain support
  • Built-in CPU throttling
  • Built-in Memory throttling
  • Supports RDP6 extensions in Windows 2008, including improved audio/video streaming and high resolution session
  • COCKPIT4 efficiently manages the load on memory and processing resources for servers and applications and thereby maximizing system performance and user experience. 

New Enterprise Printing solution

  • High fidelity universal printing
  • Granular control over printer mapping policies
  • Supports print control at both session level and print-job level
  • Support multiple concurrent printer mapping policies for same printer
  • Support concurrently both native printing (with printer’s native driver) and universal printing
  • Supports direct session mapping to network printers for improved network utilization
  • Supports multiple raw formats – Postscript, PCL5, PCL6
  • Supports multiple universal formats including PDF and EMF
  • Supports COCKPIT versions 3.8.2 and above
  • Supports stand-alone Microsoft Terminal Services