Eaton EX RT (5-11kVA)


Ideal for high-density server environments and harsh industrial applications, the Eaton EX RT UPS is specifically engineered to meet the high availability demands of customers with switches, IT systems, measuring instruments, PLCs, industrial PCs and other sensitive electronic equipment. In addition to its high-performance, online design, the EX RT is packed with an array of features and options to uniquely meet customers’ specific uptime needs.



  • Hot-swappable battery and UPS modules without interrupting the secured system
  • Density optimized
  • Compatible with industrial equipments
  • Genset compatible
  • AC normal and bypass inputs can be common or separate
  • Management through various protocols (HTTP/SNMP/XML/Telnet) 

Perfect for rack servers enclosure and industrial environment:

  • High-end power protection ideal for:
  • Servers, whether rack-mounted or standing
  • Networking & VOIP
  • Storage
  • Telecom equipement
  • Medical equipment
  • Sensitive electronic equipment in industrial environment
  • High-Density Server virtualization environment

Compatibility with any environment :

Data room :
Versatile format Tower / Rack (6 U).
Management through various protocols (HTTP/SNMP/XML/Telnet).
Integration with popular Network Management Systems (HP Openview, IBM Tivoli, CA Unicenter...)
Rackable PDU (option) with IEC sockets to facilitate power distribution within the enclosure.

Industry and infrastructue :
Battery Integration Sytem option to optimize the footprint of extended runtime solutions (automatic battery module detection).
Compatibility with all types of genset.
Integration with Building Management Systems (Jbus), 6 voltage-free contacts for remote supervision.
Temperature and humidity supervision with Environment Sensor (option), which can trigger an orderly shutdown.

7/11 kVA: Easy to achieve hot standby system through two single units (2N).
10/15/20 kVA: You can combine up to three Comet EX RT UPSs to obtain a redundant power solution for your servers and applications requiring extreme availability.

Hot-swappable battery and UPS modules without interrupting the secured system.
Internal bypass and maintenance bypass included as standard to achieve the highest level of availability.
Redundant power feed from 2 independant sources (AC normal and bypass inputs can be common or separate).

Large input voltage window without using battery power:

  • Single phase: 230V +/- 25%
  • Three phase: 400V +/- 25%
  • Automatic battery test and protection against deep discharges.

Large choice of back-up times:
From 10 minutes to 2 hours with battery modules and up to 8 hours with the CLA charger module.

Multilingual display and LEDs.
Simple set-up (network or industrial mode) to give priority to system shutdown or service
continuity in case of overload or short-circuit.
Event log for easy fault detection.