5PX (1500 - 3000VA)


The Eaton 5PX Rack/Tower UPS provides line-interactive backup power and  scalable runtimes for servers, storage systems, VoIP gear and network  equipment. (1500VA - 3000VA)


Eaton Pulsar MX (4-20kVA)


The Eaton MX UPS is a truly scalable, online double-conversion, optimized rack solution that allows you to add power as your business grows. Easily expand your system from 5–20 kVA by simply adding an MX Frame and/or more submodules. Also, you can build in the level of redundancy into the system that is required for your mission-critical application. The MX can be used for 20 to 110 servers and is ideal for critical systems.


Eaton 9130 Tower (700-3000VA)


The Eaton 9130 UPS delivers online power quality and scalable battery runtimes for servers, voice and data networks, storage systems and other IT equipment. With an efficiency rating of >95%, the 9130 UPS cuts energy costs while significantly extending battery service life with ABM technology. The 9130 UPS also has a bright LCD user interface to simplify monitoring.



Eaton 5110 (500-1500VA)


The Eaton 5110 UPS provides cost-effective line-interactive backup power and voltage regulation for small and medium businesses with workstations, desktop PCs, telephone equipment and POS applications. With its compact form factor, the 5110 UPS can be utilized as a standalone tower or under a computer monitor. The 5110 UPS is equipped with eight outlets—four with surge suppression and battery backup and four with surge suppression only.

Evolution S (1250-3000VA)


The Eaton Evolution S is a Line interactive, versatile (tower or rack) power protection for demanding IT environment (compatible with pf0.9). Wide power management capabilities offering point-to-point and network supervision




Eaton Evolution S UPS - Features

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