Jetro Cockpit

What is CockpIT™

Centralize Application Management

Jetro CockpIT™ is the ultimate add-on for Windows® Terminal Services. CockpIT maximizes and exploits the power of Terminal Services by providing critical services that are necessary for enterprise deployments. These services include:

  • Scalability – CockpIT offers the most powerful and flexible load-balancing engine available to get the most out of your servers and provide users with peak performance. Enable your IT to grow with your company by simply adding new servers into the CockpIT farm.
  • Security – Deliver centralized applications to users quickly and easily without opening Terminal Servers to users.
  • Remote Access – Provide secure access to centralized applications for remote applications without exposing the Terminal Servers to the Internet and without expensive VPNs.
  • Usability – Deliver seamless applications to users directly from the Start menu.
  • Printing – CockpIT's universal driver provides maintenance free printing from centralized applications to local printers. High print compression saves critical network bandwidth and maximum performance.

Jetro CockpIT™ is the comprehensive yet simple-to-use solution for enterprises wanting to centralize application deployment and management using Windows® Terminal Services. CockpIT is the indispensable management tool that enables system administrators to deploy applications quickly and easily, while enabling users to work productively in a completely seamless environment. learn more…

  • Business Benefits
  • Technical Features

CockpIT provides users with access to applications running on centralized servers.

What makes CockpIT Unique?

CockpIT is the only SBC solution that comes complete with a comprehensive printing solution including high print compression and a universal print driver. With CockpIT there is no need to compromise on printing performance or to purchase a third party solution.

CockpIT is the only multi-protocol solution. With CockpIT, administrators can leverage all existing client and server resources and manage them together in one simple to use interface. From one centrally managed desktop, users can launch applications with RDP®, ICA®, local applications, or HTTP applications, without even realizing the difference.

CockpIT is the only SBC solution that is at once comprehensive and simple to use. With CockpIT, there is no need to "enhance" the solution with third party add-ons. The comprehensive nature of the solution works hand-in-hand with another major CockpIT advantage, and that is the simplicity of the system. CockpIT offers a solution that allows the administrator to install the components and publish applications in hours or less. And because the solution is comprehensive, all components work together seamlessly from a single intuitive administration interface.

Technical Features:

  • Performance-based load balancing
  • Seamless remote application delivery
  • Deploy applications to any thin client
  • Comprehensive printing solution with high print job compression
  • Secure remote access, without exposing servers to the Internet
  • Application publishing and delivery using Microsoft®'s RDP® protocol
  • Server monitoring in real-time
  • Usage reporting
  • Multi-media content redirection

Business Benefits:

  • Slash IT costs learn more…
  • Minimize security risks learn more…
  • Boost performance and reduce systems down time learn more…
  • Enable on demand secure remote access learn more…
  • Guarantee business continuity learn more…

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