Management Software

Aurora for windows embedded is a thin client device management software based on open Internet standards. Through a management console, it enables the administrator to remotely monitor, update, control and configure an inventory of Windows Embedded Standard 2009 and Windows Embedded Standard 7 thin client devices. 



  • Centralized management of XPe and W7e devices.
  •  Stores device and other settings in a centralized SQL 2008 database.
  • Centrally apply system hotfixes, application snap-in’s, application updates, firmware reloads to single or multiple XPe /W7e devices.
  • Clone settings from a configured XPe/W7e device and apply to single or multiple target XPe/W7e devices.
  • Join remote XPe/W7e devices to the Active Directory.
  • Remotely change local Administrator and User account passwords.
  • Remote control or shadow XPe/W7e devices.
  • Wake up, restart or shutdown remote XPe/W7e devices.
  • Organize XPe/W7e devices on LAN/WAN environments into logical groups.
  • Automatically group devices specified by subnet range.
  • Manage XPe/W7e devices in a WAN environment and devices which are behind a NAT firewall.
  • Schedule tasks that need to be executed on the XPe/W7e devices.
  • User-friendly graphical user interface.
  • Easy licensing module which allows to add-on install license packs as and when new devices are installed on the network.


Registered customers can download Aurora For Windows Embedded from the member section of the Thin Labs website.