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X-Win32: The Ultimate PC X Server

After more than 20 years of development, X-Win32 has become the most advanced PC X server on the market. With an average of 30 million uses per month globally,
X-Win32 is also one of the most widely used X emulators. In addition, X-Win32 remains the simplest PC X server to use, and with a list price of $315 for a single commercial copy, it is also the most affordable.

X-Win32 includes many features that are either unique to X-Win32 or for which competitors charge a hefty premium. Some of these productivity-enhancing features include:

  Integrated SSH
Graphical Copy and Paste
Advanced Window Caching
29 Languages
Setting XResource Defaults
Simple Session Configuration
Section 508 Compliant

Icon-Disaster Recovery Disaster Recovery: X-Win32's LIVE Sessions offer the ability to reconnect to a session after a network interruption, a power interruption, or a Windows crash. LIVE Sessions also allow you to shut down your Windows system and reconnect to your session after rebooting the PC.
Icon-Fastest Connections Fastest Connections: On the LAN, X-Win32 meets or beats any other X session competitor. But over slow Internet connections, X-Win32 LIVE sessions offer unmatched speed thanks to our compression and unique protocol. Using WiFi or DSL connections, you can work at LAN speed.
Icon-Best Security Best Security: X-Win32 comes with an integrated SSH connection module that allows you to connect securely to servers behind firewalls. In addition, our LIVE sessions also run over an encrypted SSH tunnel by default.
Icon-Fast 3D Rendering Fast 3-D Rendering: X-Win32's OpenGL support is the fastest in the industry thanks to the hardware acceleration on the local PC and the implementation of some 65 OpenGL extensions.
Icon-Session Mobility The Ultimate in Session Mobility: X-Win32 allows users to suspend a LIVE session on their office PC and resume it on another Windows computer. Moreover, X-Win32 can be installed and run from a standard USB flash drive. You can suspend a session on your office PC, take the USB key to any other PC and resume it. Nothing is installed on the host PC and nothing remains after you unplug the drive. This is the ultimate in X session mobility and is unique to
Icon- Session Collaboration Session Collaboration: X-Win32's LIVE Sessions offer the ability to allow other users to connect to your session, and even gain keyboard and mouse control.
Icon-Text and Graphics Copy and Paste Text & Graphics Copy & Paste: X-Win32 is the only PC X server that offers integrated copying of both text and graphics from X applications into Windows.
Icon- Sound Support Sound Support: X-Win32 is the only PC X server that allows you to hear program alarms, even HiFi music from a remote Unix or Linux server.
Icon- Indirect Connections

Indirect Connections: Large companies often force employees working from home to log into a secure server via SSH. From that machine they can access their Unix and Linux servers on the corporate LAN. X-Win32 offers LIVE Indirect sessions that allow you to connect automatically to a secondary server from the secure hub server.

Icon- Multiple= Multiple X Desktops: X-Win32 allows you to open remote Unix and Linux desktops from several different hosts at the same time. You can simply Alt-Tab between Unix, Linux and Windows desktops, even copy data from one host to another.

Additional features and system requirements:

System Requirements

  • Download Size: 37 MB
  • Installed Size: 57 MB

Supported OS Platforms:

  • Version 9.4 and above: Windows XP, Vista, Citrix/Windows Terminal Server
  • Versions 8.0-9.3: Cirix/Windows Terminal, Windows 2000 and above
  • Versions 7 and earlier: Windows 95 through Windows 2000

Additional Features:

  • IPSmart: Makes it very easy to connect to a remote host from behind a DSL or cable modem.
  • Advanced Window Caching: This technique dramatically speeds up screen refreshes and other X transactions.
  • Universal Keyboard Selection: Automatically configures X-Win32 to the right keyboard for any language.
  • Session Folders: You can sort your sessions by host, by project, or any other way and save them into named session folders.
  • Password Updating: Host access passwords frequently change for security reasons.
  • XML-Based Session Settings: Most PC X servers still use the problem-plagued system registry. X-Win32 sessions are stored in XML files that can easily be edited.
  • Detailed Connection Status Dialogs: Connection status dialogs with graphics show the progression of the connection, plus a log window to show warnings and errors specific to that connection. This makes it much easier to diagnose connection problems and to see output from the remote host.
  • Dynamic Window Scaling: X-Win32 is the first PC X server having activated the RandR extension, you can now scale the remote desktop simply by grabbing the corner of the window and dragging it to the desired size. You can also scale the window to be larger than your actual monitor.
  • 29 Languages: X-Win32 now offers localization for 29 languages.
  • Render Extension: Improves the display quality of Linux applications.
  • Simplest User Interface: X-Config offers many conveniences in the session configuration not found in any other PC X server.
  • Automatic Display Address Mode: Sets @[email protected] to the local address that was used to contact the remote machine, eliminating the need to constantly select a different display address in X-Config, resulting in fewer session connection problems.
  • Desktop Shortcuts: With a single click, create a desktop shortcut for your remote X sessions.
  • Session AutoStart: You can store sessions in the "AutoStart" folder. Whenever X-Win32 is launched, these sessions are started automatically.
  • Multiple Monitor Support: Display your remote desktop over multiple monitors or display different remote and local desktops on different monitors.
  • ipv6: Compatible for all session types.
  • Section 508 compliant