Gateway Level Antispam Appliance


Spam and malware writers are coming together, making email one of the leading vectors for viruses. Today, email accounts for 23 % of total enterprise malware infections. Spammers are using sophisticated techniques like zombie botnets to defeat conventional spam-blocking technologies and steal confidential financial data, propagate pharmaceutical, financial spam and more. Some attacks are so highly targeted that they are not identified by traditional Anti-virus and Anti-spam solutions. Enterprises require a real-time Defense that relies on not just traditional signature-based protection, but also on a real-time analysis of content, source or distribution pattern for effective protection against spam and malware.

Comprehensive Spam Protection

Cyberoam’s Check Mark certified Anti-spam appliance is a powerful spam filtering solution that can scan millions of messages in seconds. Available as a subscription service, the antispam appliance can be deployed along with the Cyberoam Anti-Virus and Anti-spyware, IPS and content & application filtering services to deliver the industry’s highest and best malware detection capabilities.

Cyberoam Anti-spam scans inbound and outbound mails over SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols and automatically detects, tags, quarantines and blocks spam. The Anti-spam solution offers a spam quarantine repository, safeguarding against loss of business-critical messages. Cyberoam’s spam filtering supports white lists and black lists to control virus, Trojans, spyware, phishing and adware attempts. Cyberoam can also email the Spam Digest - the summary of quarantined spam mails – of the previous day to the administrator and individual users. This protects enterprises from image and attachment spam. In the process, the Anti-spam solution enhances enterprise productivity and lowers storage and bandwidth costs.

Zero-hour Protection

In contrast to signature-based protection, the Cyberoam Anti-spam solution identifies new outbreaks within minutes of their launch with the Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) technology that identifies spam through their distribution pattern. In addition, RPD extracts and analyzes relevant message patterns, identifying email borne outbreaks of large as well as small, targeted attacks and ensuring high spam catch rates. The result is that enterprises receive content-agnostic, multi-language and multi-format threat protection with almost no cases of false positives with Cyberoam antispam appliance. RPD’s proactive detection technology delivers the narrowest window of exposure to enterprises.

Enterprises can also create custom signatures through the Cyberoam Intrusion Prevention System in case of targeted and highly localized attacks, enabling zero-hour protection to their networks.

Identity-based Security - Patent Pending Technology

Cyberoam’s antispam appliance allows the creation of lenient and strict policies based on the user work profile and need. Further, Cyberoam’s spam filtering offers granularity in mail management controls, involving message size, subject and more, enabling high business flexibility and security.

Cyberoam’s comprehensive spam filtering reports drill down to spam frequency per person, top spam receivers and senders, giving total visibility into an enterprise’s email traffic, allowing policy fine-tuning based on real-time traffic data.

Cyberoam’s identity-based policies and reporting support the enterprise’s regulatory compliance requirements.