Virtual Private Network


In an increasingly mobile and open business world, organizations are required to enable secure remote access to road warriors and telecommuters anywhere and over any device while opening corporate extranets and more to partners and customers. In addition, they require secure and high-speed connectivity between branch offices, remote locations and the central office.

 Cyberoam offers the option of both SSL and IPSec VPN solutions on its award-winning, Identity-based UTM appliances, enabling organizations to enable secure remote access while ensuring much higher business flexibility compared to a dedicated VPN appliance. VPNC-certified Cyberoam VPNs communicate with most third-party VPNs, delivering business ease to organizations.

Cyberoam’s Threat Free Tunneling (TFT) technology scans IPSec, L2TP, PPTP and SSL VPN traffic for malware, spam, inappropriate content and intrusions, ensuring comprehensive protection to corporate resources from threats that could be carried by remote users on their devices.


Cyberoam UTM’s on-appliance SSL VPN offers web-based as well as client-based remote access. By eliminating the need to install VPN clients over individual devices, it delivers Anywhere-Any Device secure remote access to road warriors and telecommuters, as well as partners and customers accessing corporate network from multiple locations that include home, client networks, public kiosks, hotspots and varied devices like laptops, mobile devices and public desktops in internet cafes

Identity-based Access

Cyberoam’s unique Layer 8 technology, allows organizations to create user identity-based access policies, offering granular network access to employees, partners and customers based on the user identity and work profile. Thus, Cyberoam enables organizations to open corporate networks to employees and business associates while retaining control over Who Accesses What.

Three Modes of Access

Cyberoam offers great flexibility in its solution offerings on SSL VPN. Apart from being bundled as one of the features in its UTM appliance, Cyberoam’s SSL VPN is also offered separately as a dedicated appliance, VMware-based virtual appliances and as software installer at customer machines

Cyberoam’s dedicated SSL VPN family includes the CR-SSL-800, CR-SSL-1200 and CR-SSL-2400 appliances. The virtual SSL VPN appliances integrate the entire SSL VPN software into a virtual machine image, enabling organizations to avoid any hardware purchase, thus, achieving greater ROI.


Cyberoam IPSec VPN client offers secure, encrypted tunnels, enabling organizations to create secure remote access between corporate networks and branch offices and remote locations. With unmatched VPN firewall performance and easy, secure access to corporate resources, it is a highly cost-effective solution in comparison to expensive leased lines. Cyberoam VPN supports L2TP and PPTP connections in addition to IPSec and can establish road warrior, Net-to-Net, or Host-to-Host VPN connections.

Cyberoam IPSec VPN client provides full IPSec and IKE support with strong network authentication and encryption through DES, 3DES, AES.

Cyberoam VPN ensures automatic failover of VPN connectivity for IPSec and L2TP connections, providing enterprises with continuous VPN connectivity across multiple ISP gateways.

IPSec VPN – Full Tunnel Support

Branch office Internet traffic can now be routed through a single gateway with Cyberoam IPSec VPN, making it possible for organizations to route single or multiple branch office Internet traffic via the head office gateway.


Key Benefits - IPSec VPN

  • Supports IPSec, L2TP, PPTP
  • Connection failover
  • Road Warrior, Net-to-Net, Host-to-Host VPN
  • Threat Free Tunneling (TFT) technology
  • VPNC Certified