ACM5004-G-I Device Server

Opengear’s cellular routers provide secure high-speed wireless connectivity to remote sites. All the serial and networked critical assets and devices at these sites are monitored and controlled. These industrial grade compact gateways use the 3G network to deliver real-time access, monitoring and control regardless of location.

Secure M2M connectivity and out-of-band access Encrypted authenticated communications that meet the most demanding security applications
Remotely manage smart infrastructure Monitor and access all the on-site Ethernet, serial, USB and digital I/O devices
Call Home access Centrally monitor and manage devices behind remote firewalls and VPNs
High speed access anywhere anytime CDMA EV-DO and GSM HSUPA/UMTS cellular interfaces
Custom solutions Open source Linux core with local custom scripting. Monitor data streams. Ping devices. Create proactive solutions

Rear view of ACM5004-G-I device Server

Firewall and routing

Ubiquitous routing with network forwarding and IP masquerading, port forwarding and firewall port filtering rules support

Secure remote control

Advanced security to meet the most demanding high security applications. VPN networking with OpenVPN and IPSec. Supports RSA SecurID. Embedded FIPS140-2 OpenSSL cryptographic module. Securely control devices hidden behind firewalls

Extensive monitoring and alerts

Monitor ambient temperature, door contacts, smoke alarms. Heartbeat monitor can trigger 3G dial out during network outages. Advanced alerting mechanisms using Solarwinds, Zenoss, Nagios, VCMS

Out-of-band console access

The embedded console server delivers out of band management of serial console ports, servers, virtual servers, service processors, environmental monitoring and more. Ensure uptime by proactively scanning the serial streams

Remote power management

Monitor remote UPS systems with the embedded Network UPS Tool. Initiate graceful shutdowns. Manage distributed serial PDUs and network connected PDUs from thousands of vendors. Script automatic reboots on alert trigger or ping detect failure

Supports custom applications

Access the Linux core and embed custom bash scripts. Tailor the cellular router to run custom programs using the free custom development kit (CDK)

External USB for flash memory

Local TFTP server. Store logs to provide an audit trail. Store local copies of router and switch configurations for disaster recovery or roll-back. Run custom apps